d e t a i l s

chris grew up on skis. i did not. chris skis down black runs backwards. i do not. chris does 720 helicopter spins off jumps. i do not. chris catapults himself off sheer cliffs while on skis. i do not.

chris was very excited about skiing with bookguy and i, as were we with him. he met us at the base of the mountain on the first day. 2 gondolas, 2 chair lifts, one t-bar and a 150 foot walk up a snowy cliff later the three of us are standing on the spine of the coastal range looking down at a 200 yard wide glacier.

45 minutes prior to this moment, bookguy was hitting my about the head telling me to wake up or we'd miss chris.

337 days prior was the last time i was on skis. this was also after bookguy hit me about the head telling me to wake up for skiing.

bottom-line ... this was not the piece of real estate i was looking to get my ski legs back in shape on.

50 minutes after standing atop that hill i was back in the room watching cosby reruns and massaging my burning thighs.

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