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  I DID need to see that!
journalist photo (artist unkown)


un-credited and supposed account from someone at the scene.

I am here to tell the tale of naked guy...

This guy was sitting exactly 2 rows down from me tonight. So he was 7th row, seat 18, section 119.

He jumped up in the third period, and starting ripping his shirt off. I thought he was going to start waving it, and screaming go Flames go, but this was not the case.

He made his way to the stairwell which was two seats away from him, and ripped his pants down. He then kicked his shoes off, and started violently trying to kick his pants off, shit from his pockets flying everywhere.

Now naked, the guy runs down towards the ice. A kid about 13 years old is ice level on the corner of the row. He watches in horror as naked guy charges down the stairs towards him. The kid jumps up as naked guy's package confronts him. They juke right, then left, trying to madly avoid one another.

Naked guy charges the penalty box glass, and on the other side, the timekeeper charges the glass to stop naked guys assault. When naked guy jumps up on the glass, his unit has a staring contest with the timekeeper, who obviously backs down in defeat.

Naked guy straddles the glass, his package just missing being seperated from his body by mere inches. Naked guy climbs over the glass, then climbs onto the glass to the ice, and jumps onto the ice, suddenly disappearing from our view. When he didn't reappear, I thought he might be dead.

The Saddledome crew started spilling onto the ice, each one getting to naked guy's lifeless body, and waving others onto the ice. It seemed like nobody wanted to touch naked guy. I thought the worst, and then they put him on a stretcher, and he was awake waving his hands and signaling "rock on, naked guy is alright". He also kept putting his finger to his mouth, signaling shhhhhhhh so his buddies wouldn't sell him out, but the guy infront of me had already given the usher his name.

On a related note, I heard two security guys talking about how naked guy pissed all over himself, and on the ice while he was passed out, but I cannot confirm this information.

Great game, glad naked guy will live.

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