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this is a future message to my children (presently 10, 8 and 5 years of age) who i hope, when older, mindfully plan their path and pursue with vigor the life they want.
life is a choice. death is not. this means that what you do between this moment and the moment your heart ceases to throb, which it will, is up to you.

your choices apply to everything you do: from how early you rise in the morning, to what you consume for lunch, to how hard you work, to how you smile at strangers, to how focused you are when someone speaks, to if you treat those you love with respect and adoration (yourself most of all).

approached this way, your cumulative life stands as nothing but a series of choices and consequences. the more interesting, daring and thoughtful your choices, the more satisfying the outcome should be.

don't dwell on yesterday. if it was bad, there's nothing to be done about it and if it was good, gloating is empty. what matters most happens in the next five minutes. what are you going to do? how are you going to consume the ticks left in your life while you are full of health, freedom and ability? the hours ahead should be infinitely exciting as they are rife with mystery and possibility, so much so each of us should be all-a-bristle with what can be.

given enough time and the right stimulus the human brain is capable of limitless feats. your mind is the most extraordinary thing you will ever have the privilege of seeing or owning in your lifetime. this holds true of your children and their children as well. i promise.

make proper use of these gifts. please.





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