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WIFE (permalink) 03.15.2011
it's the kind of present a young person would groan at. not sure how much that changes for a forty year old.
for marty's 40th birthday, the kids and i gave her a framed picture collage titled 40 things we love about you. in a couple of the panes we put lists citing ten things each of us appreciated about marty. the left-over panes were peppered with pictures of the kids and i.

the lists were crafted during my wednesday lunches with the kids (i eat lunch with one of my kids each wednesday in a rotating fashion). for these lunches i pick them up from school and we walk to a nearby restaurant of their choosing. it was during these lunches that i coaxed and cajoled these points from their minds onto a napkin. it is possible the process of collecting the points from them could be as curious as the results themselves.

a key that may help you. nummies are nursing breast and biscuits are butts.

10 things Anthony loves about you
  1. nummies!
  2. when you give me shoulder rides.
  3. you smell good when you put that stuff in your armpits.
  4. when you comb my hair.
  5. when you give me backscratches!
  6. you eatin' with me.
  7. going to playgrounds with you.
  8. asking you if i can jump on beds.
  9. helping you make food.
  10. you playing checker games with me.

10 things Alexander loves about you
  1. you cuddle us.
  2. you give us computer time.
  3. you bring us to places to eat.
  4. you make us dinner.
  5. you read to us.
  6. you make me lunch everyday.
  7. you take us camping.
  8. you go hiking with us.
  9. you wipe our biscuits.
  10. you help make science experiments.

10 things Bella loves about you
  1. you are patient.
  2. you help me get my schoolwork done.
  3. you take care of our family.
  4. you are always honest.
  5. you can pretty much read minds.
  6. you always try your best.
  7. you cuddle and talk with me every night at bedtime.
  8. you always pay attention to our opinions.
  9. you try to make our dreams come true.
  10. you are my one and only mom.

10 things Troy loves about you
  1. that you said yes.
  2. the curl of your upper lip.
  3. your natural charisma.
  4. that you do not shy away from any challenge or trial.
  5. that your are the most conscientious mother humanly possible.
  6. that you could take me in a fight.
  7. your laugh.
  8. that you are still as naturally beautiful as the moment i fell in love with you.
  9. that you routinely pause the whirl of your life to tell me you love and appreciate me.
  10. that i am the one that gets to plan another forty years with you.

oh, and just so she didn't feel totally ripped off, she also got a pink tech 3 pen, my all-time favorite pen thus far, as every person over forty should own a proper writing instrument. here's where you can get one for yourself. and here's one of the more curious pen reviews you'll possibly ever read.

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